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German for social and work life

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German complete

learn German online from A1 to C2

Learning and mastering the German language is undoubtedly a fundamental step towards successful integration into society. It not only opens numerous doors to education, work and social integration, but also promotes an understanding of cultural characteristics and perspectives.

My “German Complete” course offers a comprehensive, effective and practice-oriented approach to learning German. Through a combination of structured teaching, active exercises and practical applications, not only language skills are developed. You will also strengthen your self-confidence to communicate confidently and competently in German in everyday, private and professional situations.

  • In this course you will improve your German step by step according to the CEFR levels.
  • They train all skills: Reading, writing, speaking, listening.
  • You will learn everything you may need for a language exam at the target level.
  • Main focus: German for everyday life and German for work.
  • Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

This course is aimed at foreign trainees, students, job seekers, prospective students, the unemployed and working people. This course is suitable for you if you need German for your life in Germany or for your job in general.

After this course you will be able to cope with everyday life in German according to your level. The learning objective is the general expansion of language skills and the achievement of the next level of the CEFR.

You will learn all communication skills:

  • Reading, listening, writing, speaking

In order to achieve your communicative goals, you will learn all the necessary aspects of the language:

  • Vocabulary, grammar, idioms

The specific content also depends on your focus and current level. Typical contents are e.g.

  • talk about yourself and other people
  • Arrange, cancel and reschedule appointments
  • talk about interests, likes and dislikes
  • Formulate advantages and disadvantages
  • talk about experiences and adventures
  • Making assumptions and reacting to assumptions
  • Expressing opinions and reacting to opinions
  • Read advertisements and obtain further information
  • Application and job interview

We choose a suitable textbook depending on your personal focus and interests. We work with the textbook of your choice, or I can recommend something suitable.

A textbook has the advantage that all the content relevant to the level and, if applicable, to an exam has already been compiled and coordinated.

In the Vario option, the textbook is supplemented, deepened or sometimes replaced by individual material to meet your specific interests and needs.

Of course, this depends on several factors: How often do the lessons take place? How much time do you have for homework, revision and repetition of the learning material as well as independent learning? Do the people around you mostly speak German? Which languages do you already speak? But also, what are your personal priorities? Would you like to reach the next level quickly and train intensively? Or is communication about personal interests more important to you than the next stage in the level system? Of course, we clarify these aspects in advance so that we can tailor the training to your goals.

As a rough guide, you can say:

  • For levels A1-B1: approx. 100 lessons per level
  • For levels B2-C2: approx. 150 lessons per level

Basically, our lessons are action-oriented, i.e. we always work towards mastering certain situations in German, e.g. justifying something, arguing, comparing different positions in an essay. In this respect, the exercises are largely practical exercises based on real-life situations.

And the grammar? Of course, we also practise grammar explicitly. If you really want to achieve a high level of competence in German, it is important to master the structures of the language. Grammar always has a specific function in a linguistic action, so we also learn grammar in realistic exercises.

You can find out more about my methods and principles for good teaching on the methods page.

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