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German for social and work life

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Did you learn German some time ago, but your knowledge has “dried up” a bit?

A typical German course is then probably too much, because you don’t need to learn everything from scratch. On the other hand, you need general training that covers all areas of the language.

In the refresher focus course, the training starts with what you know or can do. We gradually consolidate and expand your existing knowledge and skills.

We reactivate and consolidate your language skills so that you can use them and, if necessary, quickly expand and deepen them. We review the grammar and clarify your questions. Vocabulary and idiomatic expressions are reactivated and step by step you expand your expressive possibilities, both in speaking and listening as well as in reading and writing.

This course is aimed at adults with German as a foreign language who want to put their language skills on a solid footing: You have learned German but cannot use it (anymore)

This course is suitable for you if you need German for your social or professional life in Germany.

After this course you will be able to cope with everyday life in German, depending on your level.

Depending on your previous knowledge, the content of the training includes

  • Consolidation and expansion of vocabulary
  • Clarification and expansion of grammatical structures
  • Reactivation and consolidation of existing knowledge and skills

You can use a textbook as well as your own materials. This depends, for example, on whether you want to work with your own thematic, e.g. professional, focus.

This is very individual and depends on your previous knowledge, your personal learning goal and your own learning ability.

Perhaps your German just needs a little boost to overcome your initial inhibitions. Then a smaller hourly package is sufficient.

If you feel that you really want or need to learn the language, you should choose a package of lessons for a longer period of time.

Basically, my lessons are action-oriented, i.e. we always work towards carrying out certain actions with the language, e.g. justifying something, making an appointment, comparing different positions in a text. In this respect, the exercises are primarily practical exercises based on real-life situations.

You can find out more about my methods on this page.

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As a new customer you can test my training for four weeks without risk. If you do not wish to continue the agreed training, you can cancel it without giving reasons. I will refund you the amount for the remaining training sessions - you only pay for the hours that have already taken place.


Professional qualifications and in-depth training as well as many years of extensive experience enable me to create tailor-made and successful training courses.


In 20 years I have gained experience at various colleges and universities, in companies in different industries and in examination system. This knowledge flows into my training sessions every day.


Every action has an impact on other people and the environment. That's why I'm thinking about how I can live up to this responsibility in my work.

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