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Pronunciation And Phonetics

Improve German pronunciation online

Pronunciation plays a decisive role in learning a foreign language. Precise pronunciation ensures that a message is easily and correctly understood by the other person. A slight foreign accent is usually acceptable and can even be very likeable. However, too strong an accent can make communication difficult and tiring for both sides. A mispronounced word or inappropriate emphasis can change the meaning of a sentence and cause confusion or even misunderstandings.

There are situations in which even a slight accent in German can be disruptive, for example in legal or therapeutic professions or in jobs with a high potential for conflict. In such cases, many people with German as a foreign language strive to speak German without an accent in order to be fully accepted and respected.

In this course you will systematically improve your pronunciation. You will learn about the different phonetic variants, where they occur and how to form them. This also includes listening training, because only if you can hear the differences will you be able to speak them yourself.

This course is aimed at adults who already live in Germany or are planning to live here and who want to improve their pronunciation.

After this course you will speak German with better pronunciation. You know the phonetic variants of the sounds and can pronounce them correctly. At the beginning of the course, we will clarify how much you would like to reduce your native accent.

Depending on your individual training goal, you will learn the system of sounds, vowels and consonants, and their variants, how to distinguish between them and produce them in a differentiated way. This includes

  • Systematic overview of the sound system
  • Signs for the phonetic transcription of the relevant sounds
  • Recording your language
  • Listening exercises
  • Pronunciation exercises
  • Dialogue exercises and role plays

You can use a textbook or your own materials.

This is very different. If you have two or three individual aspects that you would like to improve, a small package of 10 sessions is sufficient. This could be, for example, the variants of “ch” and “r”.

If you generally want to improve your accent or reduce it completely, you will need longer, regular training sessions of one to three times a week over 3, 6 or 12 months. Here we have to work on the vowel and consonant system as a whole.

And, of course, the scope also depends on how much time and energy you have for practicing between appointments.

As with all online activities, technology stands between people and teaching. For pronunciation training, it is particularly important that both sides can hear each other as accurately as possible. The technical audio equipment should therefore be of at least medium quality. A cell phone with hands-free function generally does not meet these criteria. Headphones (not earplugs) with a microphone are useful for optimal working.

Are you unsure whether your technology offers sufficient quality? We can test it in a free brief consultation.

Book an appointment for a free brief consultation. We will find the best solution for you in a direct discussion.

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