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In this course you will improve your grammar. Grammar is the framework for combining words into sentences and sentences into texts. To master them, you first have to understand them and then practise them, actively and passively or productively and receptively.
Uncertainty in grammar often leads to general uncertainty in a foreign language. The framework for the words and expressions is not stable and so there is a lack of self-confidence in one’s own ability. There are many reasons why grammar knowledge is uncertain: you never learned it properly, it wasn’t taught clearly in the previous course, or typical mistakes have crept in over time that were never corrected. Or you were ill for a few days and missed important lessons.
Grammatical rules build on each other, i.e. in A1 you learn the basics for A2, in A2 the basics for B1 and so on. Uncertainties are passed on to the higher levels and hinder your further development in learning German.
In the focus training for grammar, we concentrate explicitly on the grammatical aspects of German. What do you find difficult? Where are your uncertainties? What uncertainties are hindering your learning progress? What do you need to be able to communicate confidently and competently in German?
We stabilize your grammar skills and correct inaccuracies. They learn the rules and practise using them correctly.

This course is aimed at adults who already live in Germany or are planning to live here and who want to improve their grammar skills.

After this course you will be more confident in German grammar. You know and understand the rules and can apply them correctly. We clarify the learning objective for your personal training at the beginning of the course.

Typical learning objectives are, for example

  • Improve grammatical basics such as article forms or verb positions
  • Understand and apply differences and subtleties in usage, e.g. the different forms of the passive voice or modal verbs
  • Improving text grammar by creating references, omissions and structuring.

At the beginning, we define your uncertainties and goals and create a learning plan for your course. We often start with aspects that can be clarified quickly, so that you can quickly feel the improvement.

During training, we repeat, correct or supplement your grammar knowledge. We explicitly build on what you have already learned and you only learn what you still need.

The training then consists of different exercises on this aspect. The focus is always on action orientation, i.e. we work with dialogues and role plays to consolidate the forms and structures in real contexts.

A textbook can be used as well as our own materials. This depends above all on your learning objectives and whether you want to work with your own thematic, e.g. professional, focus.

This is very different. If you have two or three particular aspects that you would like to improve, a small package of 10 sessions may be sufficient.

If you are generally unsure, longer, regular training of one to three sessions per week over 3, 6 or 12 months may be necessary.

And, of course, the extent also depends on how much time and energy you have to practise between appointments.

Book an appointment for a free brief consultation. We will find the best solution for you in a direct discussion.

Learn German grammar online

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