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online preparation for a German exam

Would you like to take a German exam? Passing a German exam such as telc, TestDaF or the Goethe-Certificate is a decisive step for your professional development, your academic career or your integration into a German-speaking country. These exams confirm your German language skills with an official certificate and open doors to a wide range of opportunities.

In addition to the required language knowledge and skills, it is important to deal specifically with the requirements of an exam. Each examination task requires a specific strategy in order to be able to recall what has been learned in the often limited time available. In addition, various criteria play a role in matching the tasks to the respective level.

We focus precisely on these strategies and criteria as part of the exam training: What makes a task challenging? How do you complete a task efficiently in a limited amount of time? What are the expectations when writing or speaking? How do you react when problems arise?

Thanks to my many years of working with telc exam development, I know the “psychology” of the exam questions inside out. I know what criteria are used to create the tasks, how the various skills are tested and, of course, how to prepare for them.

This course is aimed at learners of German who want to prepare for a German exam, such as telc B1, telc B2 Beruf, telc C1 Hochschule or TestDaF and WiDaF.

We prepare you for all common German exams:

  • Preparation telc: all exams
  • Goethe-Zertifikat preparation: all exams
  • Preparation DTZ: German test for immigrants
  • TestDaF preparation
  • Preparation DSH
  • Preparation WiDaF

The aim is to familiarize you with the format and tasks of the planned exam. You will also learn and practise the necessary strategies and will ultimately be prepared for the exam in such a way that you will be able to complete the tasks confidently and stress-free on the day of the exam.

  • Format and structure of the exam
  • Types of tasks
  • Strategies for listening comprehension
  • Strategies for reading comprehension
  • Speaking materials for oral and written examination tasks
  • Strategies for oral and written examination tasks
  • Time management
  • Dealing with the exam situation
  • Dealing with exam anxiety and stress
  • Disaster training “What do I do if …”

I use both textbooks from publishers and exercises I have created myself.

If you already have experience with similar German exams, it may be sufficient to familiarize yourself with the tasks and take a test run of the exam with feedback. In most cases, it makes sense to specifically train the tasks with their specific requirements so that you can take the exam safely and stress-free.

If you are not yet familiar with strategies for the various skills, it makes sense to plan more time for this. If you also want to review relevant language elements such as vocabulary, grammar and idioms, we will need a little more time again.

And finally, it also depends on the exam and the language level as to how extensive the preparation should be. A C1 exam lasting 3 hours requires more preparation time than an A2 exam lasting just over an hour.

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Preparation courses for a German exam:

VARIO Training

Exam Training VARIO

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FIX Training

Exam Training FIX

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