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Corporate training

Online German course for specialists and managers

At a time when the shortage of skilled workers has become one of the greatest challenges for German companies, we as a society and you as a company are dependent on skilled workers from abroad. Promoting language skills and intercultural understanding is crucial to ensuring that both cooperation and the integration of new colleagues works. Make your employees fit for their work in your company.

As your strategic partner, we will support your company in this challenge with the following services:

1.       Individual course design: Based on your criteria, we create a customized training concept that is precisely tailored to your company’s requirements. Whether technical vocabulary, business correspondence or negotiation skills, whether workers or managers, whether individuals or groups – the lessons are tailored to your needs.

2.       Flexible tuition times: I know from my own experience that everyday business life can be hectic. Many appointments and tasks need to be coordinated and organized. That’s why I offer extremely flexible lesson times that can be seamlessly integrated into your employees’ work schedules. With very short training sessions and cancellation deadlines, people in management positions can also take part in the training without risking lost hours. This allows them to learn effectively without neglecting their professional obligations.

3.       Focus on specialists and managers: The courses are particularly geared towards foreign specialists and managers who work in German companies. I focus both on language skills and on understanding German business and working culture. Having worked in software companies for several years, I also know the “world out there” well outside of language courses.

4.       Flexible online solutions: Our courses are conducted online so that your employees can participate from anywhere. At the same time, this allows us to offer very flexible scheduling options. Choose your favorite meeting system: Zoom, MS Teams or jitsi.meet. Or would you like to learn with your own tool? We are also happy to use software you are familiar with. We work with current, suitable textbooks, our own materials and also with texts from your company.

Invest in the development of your employees’ language skills as a long-term solution to the skills shortage. By improving the German language skills of your team, you not only improve the quality of your services, but also position yourself as an attractive employer.

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As a new customer you can test my training for four weeks without risk. If you do not wish to continue the agreed training, you can cancel it without giving reasons. I will refund you the amount for the remaining training sessions - you only pay for the hours that have already taken place.


Professional qualifications and in-depth training as well as many years of extensive experience enable me to create tailor-made and successful training courses.


In 20 years I have gained experience at various colleges and universities, in companies in different industries and in examination system. This knowledge flows into my training sessions every day.


Every action has an impact on other people and the environment. That's why I'm thinking about how I can live up to this responsibility in my work.

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