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German for social and work life

My introductory offer: 25% discount on all training courses until 31.08.2024

  • Selective skills training
  • e.g. grammar, pronunciation, writing, refresher
  • A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

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Focus Training FIX

Original price was: ab 750,00 €.Current price is: ab 562,50 €.

Select the duration, number and maximum period of your training sessions here. You can also complete the training sessions in a shorter time. However, training units not taken expire at the end of the period.

In the next step you can already book your first appointments (max. 10). The appointment booking is fixed with the payment on the “Checkout” page.

Before your first appointment, you may receive an email with further questions about your training. In the first appointment, we will clarify any outstanding points for your training if necessary.

VARIO is characterized by particular flexibility in scheduling and content planning.

FIX is the cheaper version, whereby we save on flexibility but not on quality.

Here you will find a detailed overview.

The teaching material is not included in the price. An administration fee will not be charged. The course fee does not include VAT in accordance with §4 No. 21 a, bb UStG.

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