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Target group and learning objectives

I teach all levels.

No. As an adult educator, I have specialized in the learning processes of adults.

Yes, it works very well and can be very useful. We can specifically train certain aspects that cannot be dealt with as intensively in a general group course or by other teachers, e.g. pronunciation or your own areas of interest in the topics. This can be long-term or more selective in order to improve specific skills.

Teaching technical languages is a supreme discipline in foreign language teaching. There are only a few ready-made materials for a few professions. This means that the trainers have to deal intensively with the subject and its linguistic peculiarities in advance and create the learning material themselves. Many technical texts and scenarios are already available on the Internet; if necessary, we obtain information from people with the relevant professional background. What is very important here is that the language trainers always remain on a linguistic level; we do not enter into discussions about content or subject matter.


This depends on the desired learning objective. There are tried and tested, established textbooks on the market for basic and general skills development. These are often a good basis for teaching.

I work with my own materials for individual training plans. If required, I will create an individual training program for you.

I only offer online training. You can choose which conference platform we want to use: Zoom, MS Teams or jitsi.meet.

If you use your own system, e.g. in your company, we can also use this for the training.

In general, the better the technique, the better you can understand the other person. A laptop/PC with an integrated microphone and webcam is sufficient for most training sessions. Speakers or headphones are useful for listening.

Better technical equipment may be required for pronunciation training. The microphone and headphones or headset in particular have a major influence on the sound quality.

If you are not sure whether your technique is sufficient for training, arrange a free brief consultation and we will test how well we can work with your technique.

The CEFR is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, a framework for working with foreign languages published by the Council of Europe in 2000. The German version was published in 2001.
It formulates a common understanding of language teaching and its objectives, and its importance for teaching, learning and assessment. The main idea was to describe language levels independently of the individual language and to make them comparable throughout Europe.

In my opinion, the CEFR thus offers a helpful guide for designing goal-oriented lessons. The levels with their respective competencies are a grid for the question of where we are in the learning process at the moment and what the next sensible milestones could be.

The CEFR is often seen as a rigid system of guidelines to which teaching must be subordinate. However, this is too short-sighted. The CEFR, with its differentiated scales for different language skills, actually offers good orientation for course planning. It is also important to understand that the scales are essentially examples of detailed skills. As a course planner, I can and should therefore make my own adjustments for the respective purpose.

You can access the online version of the CEFR via the following link: German version of the CEFR.

Sometimes. Lessons are generally held in German. Especially in individual lessons or in linguistically homogeneous groups, it can help to compare two languages in order to point out differences or check understanding. However, this should be the exception and not the rule. Because “guessing” the meaning of words and sentences in a situation is a skill that can be trained. Translating too often is therefore a hindrance.

My main foreign languages are English and Russian and I have basic knowledge of French, Polish and Turkish.

Yes, but it depends on the type of use. The first step with unknown words should always be to guess the meaning. The dictionary can then either confirm or correct the assumption.

It also depends on the task at hand how the dictionary should be used. In a structure exercise, a foreign word can be looked up calmly. For reading or vocabulary training, on the other hand, it is better to work on the task without aids.

As a linguist, I have a pragmatic view of language. It is intended to serve a very specific purpose, namely verbal communication. This is the case in all languages, but each individual language has a different repertoire of words and forms. And it is always about linking factual information, emotions, social context, historical and cultural peculiarities and much more. And yet it always remains the same process, that certain things are to be formulated with the help of primarily phonetic or written signals, and in such a way that as much as possible of what is sent arrives on the receiving end.

Thanks to my studies in German as a foreign language, I have in-depth knowledge of the German language from the perspective of learners as well as the didactic and methodological tools for teaching and testing it.

Furthermore, as an adult educator, I understand learning as a very concrete process that leads from a starting point (current language competence) in a specific setting to a target point (desired language competence). I see my work as shaping this process so that the learners achieve this goal directly, safely and in a relaxed manner under the given external and individual conditions.

Course booking

The VARIO training option has the advantage of being very flexible in terms of content and time. You can choose the dates up to three days in advance – naturally at the times then available. And you can cancel or postpone appointments at short notice, up to two hours in advance. This is useful if you need to remain flexible in the event of unforeseen circumstances, e.g. for work, family or health reasons.

The content of the training is also variable. Would you like the lessons to be tailored to your personal situation? Then there is usually no suitable textbook and we have to design and create the lessons and materials for you. For example, you might want to improve your pronunciation, but work with examples from your profession or field of interest.

FIX is a good fit if you have a rather stable schedule and can plan well in advance. You can also freely choose the dates here, but with more lead time and you cannot postpone or cancel them later.

The price difference between VARIO and FIX is around 25 %. This means that if you are unable to attend less than a quarter of the FIX appointments, it is still cheaper for you than the VARIO tariff. For weekly training, this would be about once a month.

As a new customer, you have the option of canceling the contract without notice and without giving reasons up to four weeks after the first lesson date or up to eight weeks after the purchase.

In this case, we will immediately refund the costs for all other lessons that have already been booked and paid for.

Yes, you can. A surcharge of 25% is then added to the training price. Please contact me so that we can clarify the details in advance.

Unless we have agreed otherwise, you book the lessons and packages in the store and pay the amount due in advance.

You cannot reach the appointment booking in the purchase process via the usual navigation. It is best to delete the course from the shopping cart and restart the purchase process. After selecting the course details, you will be automatically forwarded to the appointment management by clicking on “Add to shopping cart”.

Option a: Nothing. I will get back to you within one working day.

Option b: Email me the name and email address of the person taking part and the order number of the purchase. I will then set up the account for you by the next working day and inform you.

Organizational matters

During the purchase process, please enter your name and e-mail address when selecting an appointment. When you complete the purchase, an administration account will be created for you with this data. To do this, use the “Login” entry in the menu. When you log in for the first time, you must first generate a password using the “Forgot password” function. Then you can log in immediately with your e-mail address and password.

In this login area you have the possibility to select and book free dates from the calendar yourself. The calendar is always up to date and your appointments are entered and confirmed immediately.

Depending on the course option, different cancellation rules apply. The VARIO tariff gives you the option of canceling or postponing appointments at short notice. The FIX tariffs, on the other hand, are binding, i.e. once booked, the dates cannot be changed.

You can also do this directly in your personal login area. With VARIO courses, you can delete or change the dates in your account. The changes are valid immediately and do not need to be confirmed.

If you are a new customer, the first hour of the package is intended for content planning and coordination. In return, we waive an administration or booking fee.

Please allow for vacations when choosing the hourly package and duration.

If you are ill for longer than three weeks, please contact me and we will find a solution! Please send me the sick note from a doctor.

Your question is not listed?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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As a new customer you can test my training for four weeks without risk. If you do not wish to continue the agreed training, you can cancel it without giving reasons. I will refund you the amount for the remaining training sessions - you only pay for the hours that have already taken place.


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