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German for social and work life

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Learn German as a foreign language individually, flexibly, online:

"Extensive specialist knowledge"

"Highest quality standards"

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You want to learn German, but ...

With my online training courses:

Stay independent.

You manage your training appointments independently - in the online booking calendar.

Stay flexible

You can cancel or postpone your appointments up to two hours in advance - without any cancellation costs.

Short units

Choose suitable training sessions lasting 30 minutes or more.

Your goals

Tell me what and how you would like to learn. As a professional German trainer, I can offer different ways to achieve any goal.

Save money and time

You learn in a focused, professional and efficient manner. We don't waste the hours.

Money-back guarantee

Get to know me for 4 weeks. Not satisfied? Money back!

With a solid knowledge of German, you will open up new opportunities in social and professional life in Germany. Sometimes basic knowledge is sufficient for general arrangements, but often a higher language level is required to be successful at work.

Learning a foreign language is certainly no easy task, especially alongside a full-time job. In addition, scheduling conflicts often make it difficult to attend a course regularly. That’s why you can plan my courses flexibly, react at short notice and cancel or postpone your language course independently.

Short training sessions of 30 or 45 minutes allow you to optimally integrate the training into your daily work routine. This way you can use your time and mental resources most effectively – and ultimately learn more than in long sessions, of which only a small part remains in your memory.

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Improve your German with

4-week money-back guarantee

As a new customer you can test my training for four weeks without risk. If you do not wish to continue the agreed training, you can cancel it without giving reasons. I will refund you the amount for the remaining training sessions - you only pay for the hours that have already taken place.


Professional qualifications and in-depth training as well as many years of extensive experience enable me to create tailor-made and successful training courses.


In 20 years I have gained experience at various colleges and universities, in companies in different industries and in examination system. This knowledge flows into my training sessions every day.


Every action has an impact on other people and the environment. That's why I'm thinking about how I can live up to this responsibility in my work.


I will be happy to inform you about promotions and new additions to my portfolio.

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